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  • MXN$ 1,134.00 MXN$ 1,890.00 -40% In Stock

    Stretch Velvet high-rise leotard, with a turtleneckAnd long sleeves. With an invisible zipper at the back for a more fitted look.Fits perfectly and is super comfortable for pantsand skirt.

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    MXN$ 1,134.00 MXN$ 1,890.00 -40%
  • MXN$ 930.00 MXN$ 1,550.00 -40% Product available with different options

    Double flap square top, with a goldenMetallic zipper at the back, Super comfortable with golden buttons for detail.Perfect for our mini skirts, for a more modern look.

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    MXN$ 930.00 MXN$ 1,550.00 -40%
  • MXN$ 550.00 Out of stock

    Mesh turtle neck with long sleeves.Extremely comfortable, perfect as an undergarmentfor any occasion, specially for our jacket and military dresses!

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    MXN$ 550.00